KPY Cooperative stands for vitality and business drive. We are expanding our cooperation with partners, building new connections as well as developing and growing KPY-owned companies. We are one of Finland’s biggest employers and key players in the business and industry sector in Eastern Finland.  Through us, you will be able to find investment opportunities that are rarely available. At the same time, you will become part of our community and be involved in building something that is bigger than all of us.

KPY Cooperative

Commitment and dedication, not just ownership

It is our high level of commitment and dedication that makes our assets valuable because we develop and expand the operations of KPY-owned companies on an ongoing basis. We are constantly looking for new contacts and possibilities. When opportunity knocks, we seize it boldly.

We are committed and dedicated owners, as our values proclaim. We are actively involved in the strategic development of KPY-owned companies. Our objective is to reinforce the Group’s competitiveness and increase shareholder value.

KPY shareholders have access to attractive investment opportunities not otherwise available.

The KPY Group includes Enfo Plc, a company offering IT services and Voimatel Ltd, a provider of lifecycle services for electrical and data networks and systems. KPY Novapolis Ltd is a business hub for hundreds of companies and a workplace for thousands of people.

In the year 2022 KPY Group’s revenue amounted to around EUR 247 million and it employed over 1 700 people.

Take a closer look below at the KPY-owned companies


KPY Novapolis ja järvimaisema


Enfo Oy

Enfo Oy is a Nordic IT service company that enables its customers to carry out a data-driven business transformation.

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Enfo’s consulting business has been rebranded as Epical. Read more about it at

Voimatel Oy mies ja nainen hymy

Voimatel Oy

Voimatel designs, builds, maintains and operates electricity and telecommunication networks. Voimatel provides indispensable communication links and services while offering freedom from the constraints of time and place.

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KPY Novapolis Oy

KPY Novapolis, a forerunner in providing a modern work day experience, is a business hub for hundreds of companies and a workplace for thousands of people. As a business community, it is already one of the major drivers behind the success of Eastern Finland.  ​

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