With deep local roots, KPY has played a major role in developing the region. The assets we manage are valuable and generate returns. By investing in Eastern Finland, you will pass local assets on to new generations.

For Owners

Profitable ownership

It is well-known that KPY is a safe investment.

The interest paid by KPY on shareholdings constitutes taxable income for individual members subject to a 7.5% withholding tax up to EUR 5000.

Amounts exceeding this limit are subject to a 25.5% withholding tax. For corporate members, such as limited liability companies, the interest paid on cooperative shares is normally tax-exempt.

KPY’s Insider Benefit Programme offers benefits of monetary value

As a holder of cooperative shares in KPY, you are an important member of our stakeholder group which we wish to keep and look after.

As a result, we have put in place a free benefit programme called ‘Insider’ for KPY shareholders. It is a versatile online and mobile benefit programme that offers substantial discounts.

As an Insider, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of benefits and services available locally and nationwide related to home, free time, travel, wellness and motoring.

Additionally, the Insider Programme includes lotteries and monthly campaigns on topical themes.

If you hold cooperative shares in KPY, click here to join the Insider Benefit Programme.

To register, you need the user ID.

If you have not received the user ID, contact KPY Insider at 040 359 4348, Monday-Friday 9-14.