KPY Cooperative

Sustainability Programme

Principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR)

As owners, we require that KPY-owned and other portfolio companies comply with the law and regulations as well as an ethical code of conduct. We seek to ensure that the portfolio companies follow the principles of corporate social responsibility.

We encourage the companies to give due regard to the environment, social impact and sound corporate governance. In case of observed non-compliance with these principles, we use our best efforts to induce those involved to take corrective action.

The ways of working and activities of KPY’s Representative Council, Executive Board and personnel are based on the existing legislation and regulations, a high standard of corporate ethics as well as the principles of sustainability and social responsibility.

We apply the same policy in our dealings with partners. We act transparently and ethically in respect of stakeholders.

KPY is a diversified group committed to Eastern Finland. Through our actions and affiliated companies, we bring vitality to the region. By investing in KPY, you enable continued growth and development in Eastern Finland and in Finland.